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Moving On

Today I moved to a more spacious desk and added a bunch of equipment to compensate for a failing SSD

via Techrights March 26, 2022

Status of LibreWolf 98.0 packages

Now that Debian finally got around to getting Firefox 98.0, I had to get off my lazy rear end and start compiling LibreWolf 98.0 in my dpkg and rpm formats. The dpkg is done! That one seems to behave well. The rpm is not ready yet. I've run into this pr…

via Knowledge Base March 26, 2022

Ubuntu sound problems on a Vulcan Excursion tablet….

Recently I was gifted a used tablet from a friend. It is a Vulcan Excursion 10.1″ tablet that came stock with Windows 8.1 and was upgraded to Windows 10. Of […]

via AlaskaLinuxUser's Scratchpad March 17, 2022

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