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Hello, I am Aidan.

  Welcome to my hobby website. If you are a like minded tinkerer that delights in toiling away with Linux servers, computers, self-hosting web services, and alternative technologies, then perhaps this site may be of some respite.

Projects down the pipeline

Here are a few projects that I am either currently working on, have completed, or will be working on in the future:

  • SMTP mail server (Completed)
  • Static HTML site (Completed)
  • IRC Server (public access) (Completed)
  • IRC Bouncer (invite only) (Completed)
  • XMPP Server (invite only) (Completed)
  • Self host SearX search engine (invite only) (Completed)
  • Independent webring (public access & submission based) (In progress)
  • Self host voice communications (likely Mumble) (invite only)
  • Self host geographic mapping service
  • Independent GIT server (invite only)
  • Gemini and IPFS web servers? (not sure about these.)


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