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2022-07-11 Misc. How to restore plain text clipboard functionality with xclip on Linux desktops.
2022-04-29 XFCE How to display your public IP address from the XFCE panel bar.
2022-02-04 Web Hosting Adding search capability to a website with Xapian Omega for Apache web-servers on Debian.
2021-08-24 IRC ZNC IRC Bouncer Setup Guide for Debian.
2021-07-07 RSS Retrieving RSS feed addresses for YouTube, Odysee, PeerTube, and BitChute.
2021-04-30 Web browsers How to remove Stack Exchange cookie consent popup with Stylem.
2021-03-01 XFCE Restoring the XFWM title bar for XFCE desktop.
2021-01-16 IRC Next Generation IRC Daemon setup guide.
2021-01-05 XFCE Traditional desktop setup for XFCE.
2021-01-05 SSH daemon Rate limiting SSH.
2021-01-05 SSH daemon Hardening SSH configuration.
2021-01-05 SSH daemon SSH Key based authentication.
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2022-07-11 Site I’ve opened a webring and web IRC client. (See side bar and IRC Server)
2021-07-02 Site I’ve opened a blog page with its own RSS feed.
2021-01-16 Site The emhmki IRC server is now up.
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2022-07-11 Web browsers Brave browser
2022-04-06 Phones Sunbeam mobile phone review
2021-07-09 Web browsers Pale Moon browser

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