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Cleaning out an area for a new garden

Date: 2021-05-19

This is a project that will span a few months. I’ll update this entry as time permits with photos of my progress.

  I will be starting a garden for next year and would like to spend the time in preparing the area as well as the soil. I might even be able to plant a few winter variety vegetables before the end of the year; roasted butternut squash with a little cinnamon, butter, and some brown sugar makes for a great dessert!

2022 will be the big year though. Since I’m planning to move out of my apartment from the city and back into the country, I should have plenty of time to tend to the garden throughout the day. For now the 40+ mile commute to and fro every day isn’t ideal; a garden, especially the size of one that I intend to grow, will require a lot of attention.

With such big plans also comes big spending. I could slide by on the cheap and slowly accumulate the tools I need through yard sales and flea markets, but those methods can be time consuming. I typically would have no problems spending the extra time to save a buck, but in light of previous events with the pandemic and social disarray, I think now is better than later! Fortunately I can afford it.

So instead of chopping down the wild trees and shrubs with an axe, I went ahead and bought a gas powered chainsaw for $128 with a deal on eye and hearing protection. And I’m glad I did! My stamina is not yet there. I tire out easily with just handling the chainsaw and dragging the limbs. Once these trees and shrubs are cleared away, I’ll move the goats pasture into the new area and let them clear out the rest. They’ve already made quick work out of the pile of trees seen in the photo; I was afraid they would try to climb up top and jump the fence.

My reasoning for placing a garden in this unmaintained area is due to a thick line of nearby trees and overgrowth that provide a natural wind break barrier from cold fronts. There’s also a nearby pond I could use for watering if need be.

Further spending will also have to include a tiller; and not just any old tiller. I already have access to a narrow front-tine tiller and know that it’s not going to cut it quick enough for me to prepare the soil for next year; especially when the real heat of summer hits. In the state of Texas it can get pretty hot, and if you live on black clay soil then you’ll need a pickaxe just to bust it up. I’ll need something with a little more horsepower, so I’ve been searching around. I think it would be fantastic to plow a field by a literal horse, but I don’t have any experience with horses or horse breeds so have to hold off on that idea for now.

Update: 2021-06-13

It's been a few weeks, but I now have a fence up. The goats have been steadily making progress in clearing out the area.

Update: 2021-06-29

I've run into some chiggers while digging up tree stumps! I didn’t notice until a few hours, which by then it was too late and the damage was done. Fortunately they didn’t crawl up and bite me around the waist. The majority of bites are around the ankles and legs.

Update: 2021-12-07

And there it is! Nice and clear and ready to be prepared into a seedbed!

Admittedly, I am a little late and this took a lot longer than I intended; but the weather was too hot and I only have the opportunity to work on this during the weekends since I am not yet living on the property.

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