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Garden clean out update

Date: 2021-09-12

  The area is now pretty much cleared out. The goats took care of most of the weeds but there were some they wouldn’t touch, namely the Balloon Vines and Woolly Mullein. I had to pull up the vines, which you can see stacked in the cotton wagon in the back.

The Balloon Vines were surprisingly effective in covering the ground, preventing other weeds from taking over. By combination of the vines and the goats, I didn’t have to spray any herbicide to kill off the weeds so tilling up the ground this autumn shouldn’t be much of a chore.

All that’s left is to pull up the remaining tree stumps and some old scrap metal.

Here are a few extra photos

The cat investigating fresh bales of hay that were just delivered in preparation for the winter season.

One of the new additions to the grazing goat family. She likes oatmeal cookies and will follow you around demanding for more.

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