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Garden clean out update part 3

Date: 2022-02-14

  After all of this work and all of this time, I’ve finally began tilling the ground. I still have more to go, but this is about 1/3 of it completed.

I did preserve the few mullein plants that were left over from last year. There are a few others behind me in the photograph. Ever since I tore down the dilapidated barn that was here, they seem to have been struggling. They might not like so much light through out the day, or being exposed to the wind. It's really no matter if they wither away, but they are nice plants to look at.

From the right side of the image you can see part of the pile of roots and tree stumps that I’ve meticulously dug and pulled up from the ground. I’ll burn those next weekend as part of a cookout so that I can clear the rest of the way. I can take the ashes from that and spread them into the garden along with droppings that have built up in the goat shack over the winter season.

Here are a few extra photos

The geese have been migrating back north. A few large waves were headed in a north westward direction, so I took a photo of one. Maybe one day I’ll get a better camera, but the work phone does well enough for now. I do have a camera, but I don’t think anyone would appreciate a digital camera from 15 years ago.

Here’s a photo I took a few weeks back of a mother and her calf. She’s an all white Charolais, but her hooves are covered in mud after a dip in the tank.

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