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YTLoad Scraper Project

  Below is a script that I maintain, which extends the functionality of youtube-dl / yt-dlp. It is CLI based and can be bound to key macros. You can adjust an options file for specific video resolution and audio quality settings as well as video and audio download directories.

To see example script usage, run "ytload -h" from a console:

ytload [OPTION]... [URL]...
-s  | --stream          Stream video of provided URL.
-xs | --xstream         Read URL directly from clipboard to stream video
-d  | --download        Download video with youtube-dl
-xd | --xdownload       Read URL directly from clipboard to download video.
-a  | --audio           Extract audio with youtube-dl
-xa | --xaudio          Read URL directly from clipboard to download audio
-i  | --info            Display video info.
-o  | --options         Open ytload options with default terminal editor
-x  | --xdg-open        Open URL with browser
-h  | --help


  • notify-send
  • mpv
  • xclip
  • youtube-dl (you can use yt-dlp, but will need to rename it to youtube-dl)


I highly recommend installing the script in "~/.local/bin". Do NOT install this in a non-writable directory such as "/usr/bin/". The script will auto-generate a config file along side the location it was installed, into a directory name "ytloader/data"


  • Version 7

  • When downloading the script, make sure to rename it to "ytload" and not "ytload.txt." You'll also need to allow the script the execute permission "chmod +x ytload"

    Version 7

    Date: 2023-06-07

    This version excludes the 251 itag DASH audio stream option due to an incompatibility with yt-dlp.

  • Download: ytload_v7

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    Last modified date: 2023-06-07

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