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My pursuit for a 4G phone

Date: 2022-02-19

  I’m really not a phone person despite having some interests in technology. I prefer personal computers and laptops for all of my computing needs. When I am away from my computers, I don’t want the distraction of them to follow my every step, among other reasons that are well expressed in the comical video “I HATE CELL PHONES! (aka the antichrist)”[1] – By Luke Smith.

Of late I’ve been scouring the web for a phone due to my cellural provider dropping support for 3G networks. My present 3G phone was quite simple, so I would like something similar to replace it. However, every result that I receive for a “dumbphone” or “feature phone” query is returned with a variant of smart-lite devices.

The 4G sphere of basic phones becomes a paltry selection when confronted by the dilemma of wanting a distraction free device that also won't spy on me or needlessly soak up battery life. This is when I discovered “kosher phones,” which I haven't heard of before. Unfortunately most of the kosher phones are smart phones, which I'm trying to avoid, but after a little more searching I found Sunbeam Wireless[2].

They appear to have exactly what I'm looking for. A simple distraction free phone without the Internet dependent “smart” capabilities or surveillance services. I’ll report back later when I receive the phone in the mail to give my short review!


I've written a review of the Sunbeam phone that can be read here[3], in the review section of the site.


1. I HATE CELL PHONES! (aka the antichrist) – By Luke Smith

2. Sunbeam Wireless

3. Sunbeam mobile phone review

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